About The Amy Redhead Foundation

The Amy Redhead Fountain has been set up in memory of Amy Daphne Michelle Redhead.

Amy sadly passed away on 15 February 2018 following a short four month battle with Stage 4 Bowel & Liver Cancer aged just 28. Amy was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease from the age of 11.

Unfortunately Bowel Cancer is a risk that people with Ulcerative Colitis face; there is some evidence that you have a slightly increased risk if you developed IBD during your childhood, adolescence or as a young adult. Research also shows that the risk of developing cancer usually begins to increase about 8-10 years after the start of the IBD symptoms.

Amy’s family have decided to set up the charity for young adults suffering with Ulcerative Colitis and need that additional support, knowledge and care. The charity will also be aimed at raising further awareness of the risks like Bowel Cancer that Ulcerative Colitis sufferers face. With these aim’s, we hope to prevent another young male or female ending up in Amy’s position.